Andrew "Ace" Linares: CEO of HATSOFF, Veteran Innovator, and Advocate. From the front lines to the forefront of veteran advocacy, Andrew "Ace" Linares is a testament to the power of service-driven leadership. A Michigan native and decorated U.S. Army veteran, Ace's journey is one of courage, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Enlisting at 18, Ace's military accolades, including a Presidential Commendation and being named MACOM Soldier of the Year, set the stage for a future of impactful service. He parlayed his discipline into academia, earning degrees in Security Management, Philosophy, Latin American Studies, and an Executive MBA from the University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business. His time at Cornell University further honed his expertise in Nonprofit Financial Management.

As HATSOFF CEO, Ace redefined veteran support with the PCA (Prior, Current, & After) Crisis Long-Term Care Model, a holistic approach to crisis intervention and long-term care. Recognizing the need to have cross functional supportive services, Ace paved the way for a multitude of programs anchored by individual needs categories. Under his guidance, HATSOFF champions a culture of permanent solutions and trust based care systems.

Valor-Guard Initiative: Revolutionizing Veteran Support through AI

At the helm of HATSOFF, Ace conceived the Valor-Guard Initiative, a groundbreaking endeavor that leverages the transformative power of artificial intelligence to anticipate and address the needs of veterans. This initiative isn’t just about data; it’s about harnessing insight to forge a protective shield around those who have served.

With the Valor-Guard Initiative, Ace is pioneering a proactive approach to veteran care. The initiative utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze vast datasets, identifying at-risk individuals through predictive modeling. It's a system designed not just to react but to prevent, using real-time analytics to create a safety net that spans across the United States.

By mapping behavioral patterns and social determinants, the Valor-Guard Initiative pinpoints where resources are needed most. It crafts an intricate web of support, visualized through detailed heat maps, ensuring that intervention is swift, accurate, and effective. Under Ace's leadership, this initiative is transforming the landscape of veteran care, shifting from static, reactive protocols to dynamic, preventative strategies.

Through the Valor-Guard Initiative, Ace is setting a new precedent: one where technology transcends its traditional bounds to become a beacon of hope, a guard against despair, and a valorous champion for our veterans' well-being.

HatsApp: Empowering Veterans Through Cutting-Edge Connectivity

In a digital age where accessibility is key, Ace Linares has orchestrated the creation of HatsApp, a bespoke application that epitomizes HATSOFF's commitment to accessible, immediate support for veterans. This intuitive app is more than just a tool; it's a lifeline, connecting veterans to a curated network of resources with unparalleled ease.

HatsApp embodies Ace's vision of integrating technology with empathy. It streamlines the search for vital services, from transitional housing and career scholarships to mentorship and legal aid, all categorized to suit individual needs. Its user-centric design is informed by the unique challenges veterans face, ensuring the path to assistance is as straightforward as it is compassionate.

Under Ace's guidance, HatsApp has been meticulously developed to not only provide information but to also offer real-time support, creating a community space where veterans can find both resources and camaraderie. With HatsApp, Ace is redefining how veterans navigate their post-service journey, ensuring they have the support they need at the touch of a button.

Through HatsApp, Ace Linares is bridging the gap between the vast potential of technological innovation and the real-world needs of veterans, solidifying HATSOFF's role as a pioneer in veteran support services.


Michael C. Whang is an accomplished leader, currently serving as the Deputy Executive Director at HATSOFF. With nearly two decades of experience in leadership roles, Michael has consistently delivered transformative results in the technology and manufacturing sectors​​.

Professional Journey

Michael began his career at Amtech Systems in 2004, holding several technology leadership positions. As Chief Risk and Information Officer, he significantly improved operational activities and efficiency. His efforts led to a 35% reduction in the cost structure of Amtech Systems, positioning the company as an industry leader​​.

In 2018, as COO and Vice President, Michael conducted strategic reviews, identifying new market segments for growth. His leadership in modernizing factories in Asia and implementing cutting-edge technologies maximized productivity and operational effectiveness​​.

Michael's expertise in business process improvement and change management has driven operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. His ability to inspire and motivate cross-functional teams fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation​​.

As President and CEO in 2020, Michael demonstrated his strategic acumen by creating a resilient supply chain and spearheading the modernization of American factories, enhancing productivity and long-term sustainability amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


As Deputy Executive Director of HATSOFF, Michael leverages his extensive experience to further the organization's mission in supporting veterans. He applies his strategic leadership to oversee the development and implementation of innovative programs and services tailored to veterans' needs. His role involves collaborating with key stakeholders, ensuring that HATSOFF's initiatives are effectively aligned with its core objectives.

Michael's impact at HATSOFF includes enhancing operational systems, improving resource allocation, and optimizing program delivery. His focus on leveraging technology and data analytics aligns with HATSOFF's commitment to using AI and machine learning in their services, including the Valor-Guard Initiative and HatsApp.

Education and Certifications

Michael holds an MBA from Norwich University and a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He has certifications in cybersecurity and risk management, including CISSP, CISA, CRISC, and LPIC, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of technology and cybersecurity​​.


Paul Vidal is a seasoned executive with a track record of driving operational excellence and innovation. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HATSOFF, Paul has brought his extensive experience and leadership to the organization, making a significant impact over the past year.

Before joining HATSOFF, Paul served as the Head of Operations for GrayMatter Robotics, where he played a pivotal role in advancing the field of artificial intelligence-enabled robotics. His work in automating challenging industrial and maintenance tasks, such as sanding, demonstrated his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for practical applications. Paul's impressive educational background includes earning an MBA from Harvard and graduating from the Naval Academy. As an 11-year veteran of both the US Navy and the UK Royal Air Force, where he served as a jet pilot, he gained invaluable leadership experience in high-pressure, dynamic environments.

Throughout his career, Paul has excelled in various roles, spanning Operations, Finance, Digital Marketing, Consulting, e-Commerce, Business Development, and Fund-raising. His ability to adapt and excel in diverse domains showcases his versatility as a leader.

As the COO of HATSOFF, Paul has applied his multifaceted skill set to enhance the organization's operational efficiency, foster strategic growth, and drive impactful initiatives. His contributions have not only streamlined internal processes but have also strengthened external partnerships and collaborations. In the past year, Paul's impact as COO can be seen in the improved operational performance of HATSOFF, the successful execution of key initiatives, and the organization's ability to reach new milestones. His leadership has been instrumental in aligning HATSOFF with its mission of serving veterans and their families effectively.

Under Paul's guidance, HATSOFF has achieved remarkable progress, making a positive difference in the lives of those it serves. His dedication to the organization's mission and his ability to lead diverse teams make him an invaluable asset to HATSOFF as its COO.


Jason R. Dummer is a dedicated and accomplished professional with a diverse background spanning military leadership, finance, entrepreneurship, and aviation. Now stepping into his role as Finance Director at Honoring All The Sacrifices, Jason brings unique skills and perspectives to the table. With over two decades of military service as a Warrant Officer in the Army Reserves, Jason has demonstrated exceptional leadership and operational efficiency. Previously, he held the position of Vice President of Acquisitions at Infinite Equity Capital, where he excelled in financial analysis, due diligence, and deal structuring.

As an accomplished real estate professional and investor, Jason founded and served as President of Next Chapter Properties. His deep understanding of the real estate market and entrepreneurial mindset have led to lucrative opportunities and exceptional investment returns. Holding an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from the University of Illinois, Jason's expertise spans business development, innovation, and strategic management.

In addition to his professional achievements, Jason is an avid aviation enthusiast and serves as a pilot with the US Civil Air Patrol, a volunteer organization supporting emergency services and aerospace education. He is also a passionate foodie who enjoys exploring diverse cuisines and cultures during his travels. Jason’s thirst for knowledge and personal growth fuels his continuous pursuit of new experiences, and he embraces opportunities to network with individuals from various backgrounds and industries.

Outside of his professional endeavors, family plays a significant role in Jason's life. As a father to his two children, Parker and Alena, spending quality time with his family and supporting their aspirations brings him immense joy. Jason’s diverse background in military leadership, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and aviation positions him as an invaluable asset to Honoring All The Sacrifices as Finance Director. His strategic financial acumen, passion for innovation, and strong interpersonal skills make him an integral part of our executive team.


Dr. Ronen Friedman is a seasoned healthcare executive, founder, and CEO of West Arvada Orthodontics, Western Rural Health System, and Friedman Consulting. With a background in general surgery and trauma surgery, he holds an MBA with a healthcare focus. Board-Certified Fellow of The American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), Dr. Friedman is dedicated to bridging healthcare gaps, particularly in rural areas. He founded an orthodontic clinic specializing in temporomandibular joint dysfunction and complex orthodontic cases. This clinic specializes in patients with Traumatic Brain Injures, PTSD, Spinal Cord Injuries, Autism, and complex medical conditions.  Passionate about improving access to care, he founded Western Rural Health System and actively contributes to various healthcare organizations. Committed to academia, clinical research, and mentorship, Dr. Friedman is an accomplished clinical researcher in the fields of general surgery, trauma surgery and critical care, as well as clinical and social determinants of traumatic brain injuries, associated PTSD, and other clinical outcomes.  Dr. Friedman is poised to make a lasting impact on healthcare accessibility and quality.

Dr. Ronen Friedman, as the Director of Research and Clinical Oversight at HATSOFF, plays a pivotal role in guiding the organization's strategic direction in healthcare services for veterans. Leveraging his extensive experience as a healthcare executive and clinical researcher, Dr. Friedman spearheads initiatives focused on addressing healthcare gaps, particularly those affecting the veteran community. At HATSOFF, his responsibilities include overseeing clinical research projects, developing innovative healthcare models, and ensuring the highest standards of care and support for veterans. His expertise in trauma surgery, critical care, and his deep understanding of the complex medical needs of veterans, especially those with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, are invaluable in enhancing HATSOFF's mission to provide accessible and high-quality healthcare solutions. Dr. Friedman's leadership and commitment to healthcare excellence are instrumental in driving HATSOFF's efforts to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who have served. 


Guarionex “Tony”’ Baez is the Executive Director of Technology with Honoring All The Sacrifices of Freedom Fighters (HATSOFF). USMC 99–07, Sgt

Tony currently works as the Director of Customer Implementations and Customer Success for a Detroit Based Tech company that is disrupting the Construction industry and consulted other startup & mid-sized businesses globally.  With hundreds of customer implementations,  change management, and IT projects completed under his belt, he has helped companies secure over $50 million in Annual recurring revenue in the last 15 years.  

Internal operations and IT change agent, thought leader delivering transformative and incremental improvement. Skilled in technology related to sales, finance, human resources, and back-office disciplines. Adept at engaging executive decision-makers and process stakeholders to identify and solve authentic business issues that keep solutions simple for end users. 

“The perfect blend of operational experience and technology achieves a high level of success for the organization.”


Eric Ribbentrop is the Executive Intelligence Director with Honoring All The Sacrifices of Freedom Fighters (HATSOFF). He is the husband of Danielle & father of four amazing kids, Isaac (14), Liam (12), Anya (5) & Ezren (3). 

Eric currently works as a management consultant with various startups & mid sized businesses globally.  With over two dozen completed assignments & 200+ contracts underbelt he has helped companies secure over $100 million in revenue in the last 15 years. This has taken the form of commercialization agreements & strategies (Branding, Sales & Marketing).  With activities like fundraising (Debt or Equity), origination & closing of Mergers & Acquisitions & Partnerships.  With the goal of driving rapid growth & scaling companies.

Coming of age as a homeschooler has created an intense curiosity for the world & how things are made & work.  To this end Eric is an avid reader & self learner. Today Eric is focused on an upcoming church plant & his local community. 


Wes Gideon is the Corporate Secretary of Honoring All The Sacrifices of Freedom Fighters. He is married to his wife Amy, and they have 3 children. We grew up in Texas and spent 4 years as an Officer in the United States Army; on active duty he served in Fort Bliss, TX, Fort Polk, Louisiana, and spent a year deployed to Kuwait. Upon leaving active-duty Wes joined the Army Reserves where he currently serves in the metro-Detroit area as a LTC.

His civilian experience includes Logistics and Operations management experience at FCA where he worked at local Assembly Plants in Trenton Michigan and Sterling Heights, Michigan. Wes currently works as a Program Analyst at the Army Tank and Automotive Command in Warren, Michigan. Wes Gideon's education includes a BA from Evangel University, MA from University of Texas at EL Paso, and an MBA from California Intercontinental University. 

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