Our Mission

Our mission is to honor and serve the brave men and women who have selflessly dedicated their lives to defending our country. We believe that all transitioning service members deserve a smooth and successful transition to civilian life, and we are committed to building support systems that help them achieve their goals.

Through our direct outreach within 30 days of their end in service, we provide a comprehensive range of services, including curated resources, transitional housing, career scholarships, financial literacy courses, mentorship programs, and free legal services to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our services are designed to empower veterans with the tools and resources they need to become independent and self-sufficient.

HATSOFF Update - February 2024
February Update: Major Strides in Protecting Veterans and Expanding Our Team

As we step into the hopeful days of February, I am thrilled to share some significant updates and milestones that have shaped our journey at HATSOFF.

Expansion of Our Protecting Veteran Personally Identifiable Information Policy

In our continuous effort to safeguard our veterans' privacy and data, we're proud to announce the expansion of our Protecting Veteran Personally Identifiable Information (PVPII) Policy. This initiative, at its core, ensures that every interaction and data point we collect adheres to the highest standards of privacy and security. We believe that trust is the bedrock of our commitment to veterans, and this policy expansion is a testament to that belief.

Evaluating AI Copilot Effectiveness

This month marked the first comprehensive evaluation of our AI Copilot system. Integrating cutting-edge AI in our operations isn't just about staying technologically advanced; it's about measuring real-world impact. Our initial findings are encouraging, showing significant strides in the efficiency and personalization of the support we offer. As we continue to refine this technology, we remain committed to our ethos of responsible AI use, ensuring it serves as a tool for empowerment and respect for our veterans.

HATSOFF in the Spotlight

This month, we were honored to be featured in an insightful front-page news article by The News Herald. The piece, titled "Former Soldier Spearheads Suicide Prevention Program Aimed at Veterans," offers a comprehensive look at our initiatives and the journey we undertake daily at HATSOFF. This feature not only sheds light on our organization's impactful work but also highlights the personal stories and dedication behind our mission. We are deeply grateful for this recognition and invite you to read the full article here.

Welcoming Kearah Williams

In exciting news, we welcomed Kearah Williams to our Board as the HATSOFF Healthcare Program and Research Director. Kearah's expertise in healthcare innovation and her passion for veterans' welfare are invaluable to our mission. She brings fresh perspectives and strategies to enhance our healthcare policy decisions, and we are excited about the positive changes her leadership will bring.

As we move forward, our resolve to support transitioning service members remains steadfast. Each of these milestones brings us closer to a world where every veteran receives the respect, support, and opportunities they deserve.

Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our mission. Together, we are making a difference.

With gratitude and determination,

Andrew "Ace" Linares


HATSOFF Update - January 2024

January Update: New Beginnings and Exciting Advances at HATSOFF

Happy New Year from all of us at HATSOFF! As we step into this new year, we're thrilled to share some significant updates and developments within our organization.

Welcoming Mike Whang as Deputy Executive Director

Firstly, we extend a warm welcome to Mike Whang, who joins us as the new Deputy Executive Director of HATSOFF. Mike brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to veterans' welfare. His expertise will be invaluable as we continue to expand our outreach and deepen our impact.

Interim Appointment: Dr. Ronen Friedman, Director of Research and Clinical Oversight

We're also delighted to announce that Dr. Ronen Friedman has been appointed as the interim Director of Research and Clinical Oversight. Dr. Friedman's extensive background in clinical research will play a crucial role in guiding our initiatives, particularly in terms of ethical standards and effective implementation.

Valor-Guard Initiative: A Milestone Achievement

In an exciting development for our Valor-Guard Initiative, we've successfully completed the first functional test of our risk calculation formula. This test identified a data segment of 45 veterans in the wider Flint, Michigan region, who received a personalized suicide risk profile. This breakthrough allows us to collaborate with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) in implementing targeted proactive outreach and engagement strategies. It's a significant step forward in our mission to support and safeguard our veterans. [Learn More about Valor-Guard]

Strengthening Partnerships through the C4C Contract Policy

We're also proud to announce three new commitments under our Commitment for Commitment (C4C) contract policy. Our heartfelt thanks to CMRG of Ann Arbor, BIGDBM of New York, and MPC Homes of Warren, MI, for their pledge to support our cause. These partnerships are crucial in helping us create sustainable impacts and demonstrate our shared commitment to supporting our veterans. [C4C Policy Page]

As we move forward into 2024, these updates mark significant milestones in our journey. They reflect our continuous commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and, most importantly, the welfare of our veterans. We're excited to embark on this new chapter with our team, partners, and the community we serve.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we make a difference.

With gratitude,

Andrew "Ace" Linares

HATSOFF Update - December 2023

Dear HATSOFF Family and Supporters,

As we start to see the first snow of the year in the city of Taylor, we take a moment to reflect upon the journey of resilience and triumph that we have been a part of, along with our brave veterans transitioning into civilian life. As we advance in our mission to serve and uplift transitioning service members, I'm thrilled to share the strides we've been making.

Valor-Guard Initiative: A New Frontier in Veteran Support

Our innovative Valor-Guard Initiative leverages AI technology to address veteran suicide. Developed in partnership with the Department of Defense, this program uses a national heatmap to identify high-risk areas, providing targeted, precise support. Join us in our mission to safeguard and honor those who have served. [Learn More about Valor-Guard]

HatsApp: The Future of Veteran Resources (In Development)

We're excited to announce the development of HatsApp, a digital platform designed to provide veterans with personalized resources at their fingertips. From job opportunities to mental health support, HatsApp will offer a comprehensive suite of tools to assist veterans in their daily lives. Stay tuned for updates and the official launch. [Subscribe for early access]

Please Join Us in Welcoming Julie Weatherford

HATSOFF is thrilled to announce the addition of Julie Weatherford as our new Director of Innovative Technologies. Julie brings a wealth of experience in the field of technology and a passionate commitment to leveraging these tools for social good.

In her new role, Julie will be spearheading our technology-driven projects, including the much-anticipated HatsApp and the groundbreaking Valor-Guard Initiative. Her expertise will be invaluable in advancing our mission to utilize cutting-edge technology in supporting veterans' transition to civilian life.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Julie. Her vision, leadership, and innovative thinking are set to make a significant impact on our organization and the veteran community we serve. Welcome to the team, Julie!

Get Involved: Make a Difference in a Veteran's Life

Your participation is vital to our cause. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or spread the word, your support makes a real difference in the lives of veterans. Help us extend our reach and deepen our impact. [Donate | Volunteer | Share Our Story]

Stay Informed: The Latest from HATSOFF

Keep up to date with our ongoing projects, partnerships, and inspiring success stories from the veteran community. Our updates provide insight into the tangible impact of our initiatives. [Visit Our LinkedIn Page]

We are immensely thankful for the trust and support our community bestows upon us. Together, we are building a world where every veteran feels honored, supported, and empowered.

For further details, partnerships, or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Andrew "Ace" Linares

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Public Statement: HATSOFF Supports Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency in Response to Closure of Operation Welcome Home

At HATSOFF, we are deeply saddened by the news that Operation Welcome Home, a fellow nonprofit dedicated to aiding homeless veterans, is being forced to close its doors. This news affects all of us in the veteran support community, and our thoughts are with the veterans and families who relied on their essential services.

Immediate Actions

We understand that swift and compassionate action is needed. That's why, upon hearing the news, our board convened an emergency meeting to extend our services not just to single veterans but to veterans with families as well. Effective immediately, HATSOFF is offering hotel vouchers on a case-by-case basis to any displaced veterans and their families. We are coordinating closely with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency to ensure we are filling the gaps left by the closure of Operation Welcome Home.

Unwavering Support for MVAA

We stand firmly behind the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) in their efforts to assist displaced veterans. We have full confidence that the MVAA is taking all necessary steps to address the situation and find alternative solutions for those affected. We applaud Allen J. Dow and his team for their immediate actions and for reaching out to community partners, including HATSOFF, to pool resources and address this crisis.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Our mission at HATSOFF has always been to serve those who have selflessly served our country. We remain committed to providing comprehensive, flexible support services that empower veterans and their families to transition successfully to civilian life. We will continue to collaborate with MVAA and other community partners to ensure no veteran is left unsupported.

We encourage all who read this to join us in standing behind the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency and supporting their commendable efforts to aid our nation's heroes.

For Immediate Assistance

If you or someone you know is affected by the closure of Operation Welcome Home, please reach out to us at (313)-529-1636 for immediate assistance.

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